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1. A soft cheese originating in Hungary.
2. A cheese spread made of Liptauer or a cream cheese substitute and seasonings.

[German, after Liptau (Liptó), Hungary.]
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"Rollmops!"--"Pitcher of beer!"--"Eggs!"--"Scalhons!"--"Radishes!" --"Liptauer cheese!"--"A pair in gravy!"--"Fresh salt rolls!"--"Another round of beer over here!"--"Small portion of braised pork, no, make that a regular, don't forget the bones!"--"Sour lungs, Fridolin, I have heartburn from last night!"--"Hot dogs and mustard!"--"Have you got any of those little blood and liver sausages I had last time?"--"Bring me some frosty cabbage in oil with eggs and caraway seeds."--"How come there's no goulash on the menu?
NOTES: For the smoothest flow, liptauer mixture should contain no particles.
Hungarian dishes, vegetable- or cabbage-based soups and Liptauer cheese spread are known for caraway seasoning.