Liquidated damages

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(Law) damages the amount of which is fixed or ascertained.
- Abbott.

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Recovery Of Liquidated Damages Clause, Cartel Formation And Special Conditions For Etendering Please Refer Ecor Documents In Site.
She has also worked on matters related to the enforcement of non-compete agreements, and represented a physician practice in a lawsuit to enforce the liquidated damages clause in the departed employees' shareholder/employment agreements.
Although not required for enforceability that a liquidated damages clause explain in its own language what it is that makes the damages so difficult to calculate, it is required that the damages actually be difficult to calculate at the time the parties execute the lease.
An operational liquidated damages clause within a contract allows the innocent party to levy damages for a proven breach at a rate expressed within the agreement.
Law on liquidated damages clause Q: In contracts can we incorporate liquidated damages clause legally?
2 ("A party to a contract may enforce a penalty clause or a liquidated damages clause to the extent that it is reasonable in all of the circumstances that the clause should be enforced" at s.
check] Check for and calculate the expected payout from a reimbursement or liquidated damages clause.
a liquidated damages clause, but this was reversed at the Court of
7) The contract contained a liquidated damages clause providing that if the contractor failed to complete the project on time, then the government would be entitled to damages in the amount of either $4,351 or $200 per day (depending up the line item number) for each day of delay.
capture some of these first-order harms in a liquidated damages clause.
16) For this reason, the statute operates like a liquidated damages clause rather than as an indemnity contract.