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1. a variant spelling of lickerish
2. (Cookery) Brit a variant of liquorice
ˈliquorishly adv
ˈliquorishness n


or liq•uor•ish

(ˈlɪk ər ɪʃ)

adj. Archaic.
1. fond of and eager for choice food.
2. greedy; longing.
3. lustful; lecherous.
[1545–55; alter., by suffix substitution, of Middle English likerous < Anglo-French *likerous, for Middle French lechereus lecherous]
lick′er•ish•ly, adv.
lick′er•ish•ness, n.
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These the gravest men, after a full meal of serious meditation, often allow themselves by way of dessert: for which purpose, certain books and pictures find their way into the most private recesses of their study, and a certain liquorish part of natural philosophy is often the principal subject of their conversation.
Derek Liquorish was with the RAF's 684 Squadron and brought back a samurai sword, which had been surrendered to him by a Japanese officer.
4Under PS40 one Liquorish, 1 two Williams, three Primark, PS13 four Simply Be, PLEATED SKIRTS Team with an oversized knit jumper and mid-calf boots for daytime chic.
Andrew Hawkins, Teresa Hawkins, Teresa Budworth, Neil Budworth, Dan Liquorish, Rhian Liquorish, NEBOSH
We love this Liquorish floral crystal statement necklace, was PS52 now just PS17 at asos.
Her collection of four outfits for teenagers has been inspired by Liquorish Allsorts and will be worn by professional models at the annual Graduate Fashion Show later this month.
Because there is something in the touch of flesh with flesh which abrogates, cuts sharp and straight across the devious intricate channels of decorous ordering, which enemies as well as lovers know because it makes them both: touch and touch of that which is the citadel of the I-Am's private own: not spirit, soul; the liquorish and ungirdled mind is anyone's to take in any darkened hallway of this earthly tenement.
Dry up thy marrows, vines, and plough-torn leas, Whereof ingrateful man with liquorish draughts And morsels unctuous greases his pure mind, That from it all consideration slips
The Minnies 'Pop Up Shop Tour' will showcase a number of the most popular brands sold by the boutique, including Minnies Loves, Sugarhill Boutique, Evil Twin, Tempest and Mink Pink and Liquorish.
The distinct sweetness profile of steviol glycosides is characterized by high sweetness intensity with delayed onset and lingering effect, accompanied by different levels of aftertaste that may be described as bitter, liquorish or metallic.
Tony Liquorish from Grantham, who joined Elite just a year after it was founded in 1992, said: "That has been a long while coming but apparently she wasn't right the last time she ran here.
In 1854, the first firm to process liquorish extract was established in Aydin by the English owned Mac Andrews and Forbes company (Gursoy, 1993).