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n.1.(Min.) A hydrated arseniate of copper, occurring in obtuse pyramidal crystals of a sky-blue or verdigris-green color.
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These included leadhillite from Leadhills, Scotland in miniature sizes with crystals to 1 cm, and other one-of-a-kind classics such as liroconite from Cornwall.
1209 Liroconite and Pharmacosiderite, Cornwall, England, no.
Of course, the world's greatest liroconite crystal (3.
There were Cornish and Russian specimens aplenty: chalcophyllite, torbernite, liroconite crystals to 1 cm, chalcocite crystals to 2 cm, olivenite, copper, crocoite, cerussite, feldspar crystals, etc.
Two vivid liroconite miniatures sport sharp crystals to 2 cm.