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Noun1.Joseph Lister - English surgeon who was the first to use antiseptics (1827-1912)Joseph Lister - English surgeon who was the first to use antiseptics (1827-1912)
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In third, fourth and fifth place were Listerine supplier Johnson & Johnson (8.
Mellon died earlier this year aged 103: she was heir to the Listerine fortune (AP Photo/ Sotheby) | A surfer goes airborne as he rides a big wave during a tow-in surfing session at the Praia do Norte or North |beach, in Nazare, Portugal, yesterday.
This product was specifically designed as a caddy for two best-selling products, the Maxi Bic' Lighter or the Classic Slim-Line lighter and it houses breath strip-mints or Listerine Pocket Paks', two extremely popular products combined into one convenient caddy.
Listerine has launched its biggest global marketing social campaign, "Power To Your Mouth/'for the FIFA World Cup.
SensyTouch's kinect technology provides Listerine with a highly intuitive, engaging, and fun multi-touch kiosks that provides a multi-touch experience that is unmatched.
But he blamed it on half a 500ml bottle of Listerine he had drunk to cover up the smell of cigarettes on his breath.
Mouthwash/Dental Rinse Brand Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Unit sales sales (in sales % share share % (in millions) change change millions) Listerine $ 176.
uk HELP your children keep their teeth healthy with Listerine Smart Rinse, the mouthwash specifically designed for children.
A study this week in the Dental Journal of Australia claimed that using mouthwashes containing alcohol, such as Listerine, could increase the risk of oral cancer.
We've teamed up with Semi-Chem to give readers a FREE Listerine Mouthwash and a FREE Macleans Sensitive Toothbrush - worth pounds 3.
THERE was me getting all excited over the new 6 in 1 Listerine mouthwash when I realised it's third highest ingredient is SORBITOL - or, to put it another way, sweetener.