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Noun1.Lisu - a Loloish language
Loloish - languages spoken by hill tribes in northern Burma and neighboring areas
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(37) At the time, nine upland minority groups were designated as Hill tribes (Akha, Hmong, H'Tin, Iu-Mien, Karen/Pwakanyaw, Khamu, Lahu, Lisu, and Lua/Lawa).
(26.) The full list: Bamar (5), Karen (5), Chin (3), Shan (3), Pa-O (2), Rakhine (2), Lisu (2), Akha, Intha, Kachin, Kayan, Lahu, Mon, Rawang (1).
Presently Hu's camera is trained on A-pu, a Lisu ethnic minority leader, praising the pristine qualities of the river water bestowed on them by the snow-melt of the Himalayas.
(3) The category 'hill people' usually includes Thailand's six major minority ethnic groups: Karen, Hmong, Lisu, Akha, Mien, Lahu
A man, his wife and their child use a zipA[degrees]line to cross the Nujiang River in Lazimi village of Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, China.
Si King, left, and Dave Myers cooking their jungle curry for the Lisu hill tribe in the Hairy Bikers' latest TV series.
In this study, Zang-Mian toponyms include 10 languages (Yi, Naxi, Bai, Lisu, Nu, Hani, Lahu, Jinuo, Zang, and Jingpo) with the majority of toponyms in Yi.
The lack of knowledge is partly attributed to the old departmentalisation of disciplines introduced by early intellectuals, i.e., the study of "Chinese religions" has traditionally focused on Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism and the so-called "popular religions", whereas Buddhism practised in Tibet and Inner Mongolia, Islam in Xinjiang and the northwest, and of Christianity among the Hmong and the Lisu ethnic minorities, have been classified as not "Chinese".
Though some Lisu families are living in the core area but we have taken them into confidence and few of them are engaged as member of the squad which brought a turnaround in the protection effort", Jongsam added.