Literal equation

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(Math.) an equation in which known quantities are expressed either wholly or in part by means of letters; - distinguished from a numerical equation.
- Bouvier.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It is very usual that a complete answer to a literal equation has branches (Branches(literal)).
The topic of literal equation is a classic branching topic (Branches(literal)).
The mapping includes linear, quadratic and fractional equations, equations that contain an absolute value of an expression, irrational, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric and literal equations. More than 120 equations are used as test examples.
This issue will be discussed in the section of literal equations. Maxima, Sage and WIRIS do not solve it.
Stewart is right to note the 'tongue-in-cheek' nature of the analogies in the essay ornament und verbrechen and (albeit in a footnote!) the frequent misreading of ornament and crime as a literal equation. Her thesis that Loos was not outrightly hostile towards ornament is linked to the contradictions of a dialectic of modernity and antiquity, which is evident in both his 'House' on the Michaelerplatz (interpreted here as a 'gateway', a 'liminal space' between modern commercial flux and imperial permanence) and his design for the Chicago Tribune skyscraper in the form of a Greek Doric column.
Four areas are discussed more thoroughly - multiplicity of roots, extraneous roots, literal equation and trigonometric equation.
If CAS presents a complete and textbook an incomplete set (SCH < CAS = MATH), there may be the explanation-justification in textbook ([square root of [a.sup.2]] [right arrow] a) or it is possible to use the same explanation as in the textbooks that present the complete set of branches (multiple root, literal equation).
If a textbook is more complete (CAS < SCH = MATH), there are three possible manners: avoid using CAS (simplification of an expression involving absolute value), try to find a complete set manually (or with CAS)(trigonometric equation), or explain that a (more) complete set of branches is not necessary for school (multiple root, literal equation).
In our design approach, we solved literal equations; equation (6) was solved for initial velocity, vi, as shown in equation (8).
Solving literal equations, we can rewrite Equation 15 to find the length of the nozzle, [DELTA]s:
Rather than translate the literal equations into numbers I have left it to the reader to 'solve' or confirm these results, making the article something of a puzzle.
While the United States' involvement in Vietnam was what initially propelled the artist into action, her subject was actually the primordial behavior of the human animal during every such "engagement." Heavily coded signifiers such as the swastika were regularly employed in ambivalently charged tableaux such as Eagles, Swastikas, Victims, 1968, not in order to draw literal equations between one isolated event and another (i.e., the Holocaust and Vietnam) but instead to suggest that abuses of power are part of an ongoing and necessarily imbricated narrative.