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n.1.The state or quality of being literal.
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Without any endeavour to correct the literality of this opinion, Jasper surveys his companion--covered from head to foot with old mortar, lime, and stone grit--as though he, Jasper, were getting imbued with a romantic interest in his weird life.
The editors state "by erring on the side of literality when translating an Arabic text into English, the translator places the reader in the uncomfortable but also enabling position of being continually reminded that the literature he or she is reading belongs to another linguistic system and hence to another cultural formation.
Most take a pick-and-mix attitude to literality, accepting some things as facts and others as just stories.
While the high-culture Aleph can clearly be discerned throughout the narrative, the allusions that point to the hidden, profane and low-culture cinematic ALEF are also manifold: apart from the difference between orality and literality around which the text circulates on the semantic, pragmatic and syntactic levels, the vocabulary the narrator uses to describe the Aleph/ALEF is laced with innuendo:
The dichotomies suggested in Rotimi's Kurunmi by the 'black-and-white' facts and images establish a dramatic world and political structure whose vocabulary, poetry and proverbs sustain the literality and monologic interpretation of the play.
The authors set out to "consider dysphonia, from a discursive point of view, beyond the literality of the words, as it relates to the symptoms and signs of dysphonia, considering that listening is possible when the subject can be seen in the interface of the organic, psychological, and social determinants," (ibid, p.
The terseness of the term, in this author's view, adequately compensates for the loss of literality.
64) The glee in his parody, as well as the sheer literality of Miller's use of sources throughout Cancer suggests that surrealist displacement wasn't his goal as much as the digestion of these vibrant and startling literary voices.
The Navy now requires a complete, lengthy, very technical questionnaire in which medical devices are literality placed under a microscope and every aspect of their design and engineering is scrutinized.
Certainly Pilate's verbal echoes are hardly evidence of a direct line of literary descent, a conclusion Morrison would surely balk at given her distaste for such comparisons, (3) but they are also more than an interesting coincidence, especially when viewed within the context of the most obvious, and overarching, linguistic (re)iteration, the novel's title, Song of Solomon, which shares a kinship with "Song of Myself" at the level of grammar and diction; in its riff on biblical scripture; and as a musical trope that resonates well beyond literality.
It is the logical independence of meaning from figural association that reduces it to mere representation, producing according to Dawson, "the binary opposition between literality and nonliterality.
I am not sure what it means to write outside the inescapable frames of rhetoric and its constitutive repertoire of tropes--metaphor, prosopopoeia or personification and so on--except, of course, by lapsing into catachrestic forms that found their very facticity and literality on the denegated bodies of dead metaphors.