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var. of litho-: lithops.


a combining form meaning “stone” (megalith), “stone tool” ( microlith), “mass of rock” (batholith; laccolith), “calcareous concretion, calculus” ( otolith; urolith).Compare -lite.
[see litho-]


or Lith,

1. Lithuania.
2. Lithuanian.


1. lithograph.
2. lithographic.
3. lithography.
References in classic literature ?
The little lith e man, with his bright, restless eyes, and his long iron-gray hair falling in curls to his shoulders, his airy step and his cordial manner; his uncertain age, his innumerable accomplishments, and his unbounded popularity--is he not familiar everywhere, and welcome everywhere?
Al Lith is situated around 190 kilometres from Jeddah, and is a rapidly growing coastal province in the Kingdom.
Even with multiple deployments, Lith SOF missions that put the focus of operations on protecting the population are a new concept.
SPFD was vocal about using solar LED lights from the get-go," recalls lighting designer Jeremy Van Lith, Escent Lighting division of MW Consulting Engineers, Spokane.
The genus Mimumesa Malloch (1933) includes 29 species and 3 subspecies of small to medium size predatory solitary wasps in the world, of which 5 species and 1 subspecies occur in the Palaearctic, 17 species in Nearctic, 2 species in Oriental, 1 species and 1 subspecies in Neotropical, 3 species in both Palaearctic and Nearctic, and 1 species and 1 subspecies in both Palaearctic and Oriental regions (de Beaumont 1937; Bohart and Menke 1976; Budrys 1990, 2001; Gussakovskij 1932, 1937; Lomholdt 1975; Lith 1948, 1949, 1959, 1965, 1974; Malloch 1933; Oehlke 1970; Rohwer 1910; Tsuneki 1954, 1959, 1967, 1972a, 1972b, 1974; Viereck 1901).
The Youth Division title is still up for grabs as Princes Villa Youth beat Irby Youth in midweek and then beat Heygarth United 3-1, thanks to Tom McGill (2) and John Lith finding the net.
EFIP President Klaus van Lith took the opportunity to outline the Federation's policy priorities for the coming year.
For three months, balding Samuel McCuaig, of Lith Road, Wood Green, North London, - whose previous convictions go back nearly 30 years - lay low in a Glasgow love nest with his under-age lover, hiding from police who wanted him for earlier offences of illicit sex with a youngster.
Lith and selthe felawes are: For shal Ich neuere blithe be Til I with eyen Denemark se For Ich woth that al the lond Shalt thou hauen in thin hond.
LITH REMYCA PAUL McNALLY has warned that Litherland REMYCA must not ease up when they take on sides lower down the Hallmark Security League First Division.
Aguer appointed former law enforcement minister, Peter Wal Athiu as his deputy, former parliamentary minster, Susan Lith Aluong as education minister and Col.