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n.1.(Min.) A phosphate of manganese and lithium; a variety of triphylite.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Lithiophilite is the principal primary phosphate mineral (Shigley and Brown, 1985), but amblygonite, triplite, and triphylite (possibly misidentified lithiophilite, A.
Phosphate minerals include primary lithiophilite, triphylite, and amblygonite, and numerous alteration products including hureaulite, purpurite, and sicklerite.
Other minerals found included dark blue fibrous tourmaline, columbite-tantalite group minerals, phosphates including apatite crystals and massive lithiophilite and amblygonite, and very attractive clusters of albite (var.
Occurrence: In a lithiophilite nodule embedded in a quartzspodumene pseudomorph after petalite in the upper intermediate zone (5) of a granitic pegmatite.
These include isolated, somewhat brecciated pods of phosphate minerals up to a meter across composed predominantly of lithiophilite and albite with lesser amounts of triploidite, triplite and triphylite.
Table 1 gives microprobe analyses for the lithiophilite, triploidite, triplite and fluorapatite.
In addition, fluorapatite also forms pale green to white, fine grained, earthy coatings on lithiophilite, which are probably secondary in origin.
Salmon-orange masses of lithiophilite (to several cm), and partly replaced by rhodochrosite, were found embedded in pollucite.