Lithocarpus glaber

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Noun1.Lithocarpus glaber - small evergreen tree of China and Japan
Lithocarpus densiflorus, tanbark oak - evergreen tree of the Pacific coast area having large leathery leaves; yields tanbark
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By 22 years after abandonment, forest succession had entered the shrub stage and tree species such as Lithocarpus glaber began to dominate the community.
of series tree species AL Abandoned land 0 SS Secondary shrub 4 CF Coniferous forest 5 MF Coniferous mixed 6 evergreen broad- leaved forest SE Sub-climax evergreen 7 broad-leaved forest CE Climax evergreen 15 broad-leaved forest Successional Vegetation type Dominant tree species and series their importance value AL Abandoned land Tree species have not appeared SS Secondary shrub Lithocarpus glaber (3 1), Pinus massoniana (26), Schima superba (21) CF Coniferous forest Pinus massoniana (52), Schima superba (35) MF Coniferous mixed Schima superba (47), Pinus evergreen broad- massoniana (40) leaved forest SE Sub-climax evergreen Schima superba (66), broad-leaved forest Castanopsis largesii (16) CE Climax evergreen Castanopsis.