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n.1.An etched stone surface for printing, having the design in relief; also, the process of printing from such a surface, or that which is printed from it.
2.A machine, with a keyboard like that of a typewriter, for making a lithographic transfer sheet. It produces a perforated strip of paper which controls the printing.
v. t.1.To prepare for printing with plates made by the process of lithotypy. See Lithotypy.
[imp. & p. p. Lithotyped ; p. pr. & vb. n. Lithotyping .]
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Here, too, is a curious little work upon the influence of a trade upon the form of the hand, with lithotypes of the hands of slaters, sailors, corkcutters, compositors, weavers, and diamond-polishers.
The dominant lithotype in the prospect area is fine grained metasediments with intercalated basalt, ultramafic and felsic units.
The maximum vitrinite random reflectivity (Ro,max) of the coal specimens was 3.24%, and the macroscopic lithotype was semibright to bright coal with banded coal texture.
Josh, "Lithotype characterizations by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR): a case study on limestone and associated rocks from the eastern Dahomey Basin, Nigeria," Journal of African Earth Sciences, vol.
Lithotype Young's Poisson's Unit weight modulus ratio (KN/[m.sup.3]) E/GPa Gravel soil & rubble 0.4 0.45 16 Calcareous mudstone 0.9 0.3 22 Calcareous siltstone 0.8 0.35 20 Lithotype Saturated unit Cohesion Friction angle weight c/KPa [phi]/[degrees] (KN/[m.sup.3]) Gravel soil & rubble 17.3 100 17 Calcareous mudstone 23.5 300 30 Calcareous siltstone 21.6 200 25 Lithotype Permeability coefficient m/d Gravel soil & rubble 1 x [10.sup.-1] Calcareous mudstone 1 x [10.sup.-3] Calcareous siltstone 1 x [10.sup.-3]
The dictionary covers technical terms (such as Lithotype printing or Distributed denial of service), communications terminology (such as Listening or Baton signals), systems (such as BBC or Pirate radio), and theory (such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs or Queer theory).
After the characterization of the radiometric signature of each unit and lithotype, these techniques are also a powerful tool to integrate subsurface and surface geology, making these techniques an important tool in oil exploration.
Unambiguously, the highest eU concentrations occurred in the klint belt, both on its slope and in the Quaternary deposits in front of the escarpment, irrespective of the lithotype. Southwards, the eU concentration in Quaternary deposits gradually decreased.
Finally, other areas of gold mineralization sampled by drilling and located outside the modelled wireframes for the Main, F17 and East Extension Zones were estimated using a conservative unconstrained approach, but subdivided based on the host lithotype.
The winners were American Toyota, Columbia Forest Products, InPhase Holographic Storage, Lithotype, and SCAQMD.