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or litter box  (lĭt′ər-bŏks′)
A box or tray partly filled with an absorbent material such as granulated clay, used as a place for a housecat or other pet to urinate and defecate.
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Make sure the cat is given a full check-up by a veterinarian and that the owner mentions they are having litter box problems.
Cats that are in pain may avoid having to step into a litter box.
For example, one litter box per cat plus one more, multiple food and water dishes, multiples of favorite toys, and multiple beds.
by Courtesy of BrandpointBefore you go on a day trip make sure the litter box is clean.
"We're officially ready to launch our contemporary cat litter box to the world", added Ms.
Risk factors and control measures: A total of 14 important risk factors viz., gender, breed, age, weight, season, cohort, litter box usage, litter box type, type of food, drinking water, vaccination status, neutering status, housing type, and recurrence rate, were included in present study and compared with depression status among feline patients.
The nonstick litter is formulated to make cleaning and keeping an odor-free litter box easy.
According to the report, Church & Dwight's Arm & Hammer cat litter team set out to answer the question, "If price were no issue, could we make litter box odor completely disappear?" There were many innovative cat litters on the market, but odor was still the biggest complaint among cat owners.
Make sure that the litter box is in a good location and away from the cat's food.
Her sand pile outdoors had frozen solid, and substituting ashes in her cat's litter box meant that her house would be covered with sooty paw prints.
Blocking any places your cats may have used outside the litter box and cleaning thoroughly may stop the habit.
She would bring one out a day to play; the rest stayed in the bedroom where they were fed and had a litter box to use.