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Gordon has a number of projects in development currently, and is co-creator, executive producer and writer on Apple's upcoming anthology series 'Little America'.
Movies including "The Joker" and "West Side Story," as well as "The Enemy Within Season 1," "Wrestlemania XXXV," and "Little America!," are among the 14 projects for which companies are seeking millions of dollars under the state's newly established film tax credit program.
Songstress Sara Bareilles performed an emotional new ballad that will serve as the theme song from her new musical drama "Little Voice," while Pakistani-American comedian Kumail Nanjiani performed a brief standup routine to introduce his "Little America" series about immigrants in America.
It'll be called Little America Image Credit: Screengrab/Apple Also in this package
The military has to box up and ship out a 'Little America' of bases, Humvees, air conditioners, and even fast-food joints.
Two years later, in Byrd's celebrated book, Little America, he echoed Owen's assessment of the event, adding after Parker's "flying leap" that "A dozen more tumbled after him, in a moment, the silence of the bay was broken with their shouts."
Take the example of the Obama administration, which was a house divided on the Afghan policy, a story told frequently enough by now in accounts such as The Dispensable Nation by Vali Nasr or Little America by Rajiv Chandrasekaran.
The baby is going with Emily (Alexis Bledel), but once the handmaid gets to Little America, what happens?
'We can't rebuild it into a little America. I think that was one of the problems.
Apple (AAPL), which has $285B in cash sitting around, recently inked a deal for the English-language adaption of the French series "Calls" and the original, signed a deal with Sesame Workshop and bought its 12th scripted series "Little America", signaling the tech giant has not forgotten the importance of acquiring streaming video content, The Hollywood Reporter reports.
"It's as if there was too much America then, but too little America now -- or an America that's too aggressive."