Little Colorado

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Lit′tle Colorad′o

a river flowing NW from E Arizona to the E edge of the Grand Canyon, where it flows into the Colorado River. 315 mi. (507 km) long.
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Actor Will Smith (R), arrived outside Grand Canyon National Park in Little Colorado River Gorge, Arizona with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and kids Willow, Trey and Jaden.
Navajo Nation spokesman Mihio Manus said any stunt or filming project in the tribe's Little Colorado River park requires a special permit.
discobolus continue to successfully spawn, rear, recruit to adulthood, and maintain numerical dominance over nonnative fishes in the lower perennial corridor of the Little Colorado River (LCR) in Arizona (Douglas and Marsh, 1996, 1998; Robinson and Childs, 2001; Stone and Gorman, 2006; Figs.
"I need to be in an area that inspires me," Tingey says, "and these little Colorado towns inspire me."
The yellow trout ornamented with black spots, white-tipped fins, and a raccoon-like eye mask lives naturally only in the headwaters of the White, Black, and Little Colorado rivers near the New Mexico border.
Tourists would be shuttled from the cliff tops of the Navajo Nation to the edge of the Colorado River below before it meets the Little Colorado River.
Along the way, the death-defying performer made a quarter-mile tightrope walk over the Little Colorado River Gorge near the Grand Canyon, and last Sunday (Nov.
Two of his previous televised tightrope walks -- over the brink of Niagara Falls in 2012 and across the Little Colorado River Gorge in 2013 -- drew about 13 million viewers each.
While the glitzy development would bring in new revenue for the Navajo people, critics say the canyon would be "doomed," and members of the neighboring Hopi tribe worry because the proposed site at the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers is considered sacred.
Asian tapeworm was reported in humpback chub from the Little Colorado River in Grand Canyon (Clarkson et al., 1997), but ours represents the first record of Asian tapeworm in bonytail from natural habitat on the lower Colorado River (see Choudhury et al., 2006) and may signal future occurrences of this parasite in other species and in other places.
(457 m) above the Grand Canyon's Little Colorado Gorge, he knew the quarter-mile walk would be dangerous.