Little Diomede

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Little Diomede

(Placename) the smaller of the two Diomede Islands in the Bering Strait: administered by the US Area: about 10 sq km (4 sq miles)

Di′o•mede Is′lands

(ˈdaɪ əˌmid)
two islands in the Bering Strait, one belonging to the Russian Federation (Big Diomede), ab. 15 sq. mi. (39 sq. km), and one belonging to the U.S. (Little Diomede), ab. 4 sq. mi. (10 sq. km): separated by the International Date Line.
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"That title meant that Chuck was in charge of overseeing the entire operation of the company statewide." As part of the purchase agreement, RCA committed to providing telecommunications services to every Alaska location with a permanent population of more than twenty-five people, "so from the very beginning, that was a heck of a challenge," Jensen says, as that amounted to more than 250 rural locations ranging from Barrow to Ketchikan to Little Diomede Island.
LYNNE COX In 1987, at the height of the Cold War, Lynne decided to perform a peace gesture by swimming from the US island of Little Diomede to Big Diomede Island, which belonged to the Soviet Union.
The border, and the international dateline - that zip that divides the world's timezones - runs between Big Diomede (Russia) and Little Diomede (Alaska), which are separated by just three miles of water.
Between eastern Russia and the western edge of Alaska sit two small islands: Big Diomede and Little Diomede. The islands are separated by just four kilometres of ocean, the international date line and the Russian-United States border.
Neil Laughton and James Bingham had planned to ski and kayak from the village of Wales in Alaska to the island of Little Diomede.
Two islands, Russia's Big Diomede and America's Little Diomede, have less than 4 kilometers of water between them.
LITTLE DIOMEDE, ALASKA: The Cold War comprised three highly symbolic frontiers - Europe's Iron Curtain, the Bamboo Curtain in Asia, and the lesser known Ice Curtain marking the border between the United States and the Soviet Union.
The second contract with the US Department of Transportation will continue to provide weekly, year-round helicopter service to people and cargo between Nome, Wales and Little Diomede, Alaska for one year.
In the North Pacific Ocean, individuals breed on Little Diomede Island in the Bering Strait; additional nesting Dovekies are thought to occur on King Island, St.
Likewise, in the winter of 2009 there was no airstrip off Little Diomede Island in Bering Strait, because the sea ice was too thin.
In a period when most teachers lasted no more than a year, and despite losing their first-born child in a measles epidemic in autumn 1910, the couple remained in Alaska for three years, spending two winters on Little Diomede Island, among the least accessible places in the Bering Strait, and the third at Saint Michael, an island village in the mouth of the Yukon River.

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