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Noun1.Little Horn - a river that flows from northern Wyoming into the Bighorn River in southern MontanaLittle Horn - a river that flows from northern Wyoming into the Bighorn River in southern Montana; site of Custer's Last Stand
Montana, Treasure State, MT - a state in northwestern United States on the Canadian border
Equality State, WY, Wyoming - a state in the western United States; mountainous in the west and north with the Great Plains in the east
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I makes my pipes of old penny ink-bottles, ye see, deary--this is one--and I fits-in a mouthpiece, this way, and I takes my mixter out of this thimble with this little horn spoon; and so I fills, deary.
Sometimes it sounded as though a blind puppy were squeaking above the lamp; then as if a stone were being ground on hard ice; and again, like muffled blows on a drum; but all dragged out and made small, as though they travelled through a little horn a weary distance away.
He might have stepped out of the pages of `Jesse James.' He wore a sombrero hat, with a wide leather band and a bright buckle, and the ends of his moustache were twisted up stiffly, like little horns. He looked lively and ferocious, I thought, and as if he had a history.
The little goats lined up and, one after another, I gave them the drugs, sent them to sleep, removed their little horn buds, then popped them back with their mothers in the straw-filled pen.
The Fights on the Little Horn: Unveiling the Mysteries of Custer's Last Stand
Where a typical Holstein calf would have little horn buds, they have no horns, or scars, or swirls of hair where horns used to be.
To use a musical analogy, because of what Christ has done on the cross, the focus is not on the note I just misplayed or even on the fine performance I may have tooted with my little horn. The focus is on the Composer/Conductor who is the One behind all of the beauty of the music.
The large front mudguard with the metal logo is reminiscent of the past, as is the front apron with the little horn bezel finished in chrome.
Check out any bus stop: You'll see the kids with their little horn cases but seldom see a tuba case, which might be better loaded by a forklift.
Then Daniel envisages a subdivision of this fourth terrible beast (a fifth empire): I beheld the horns and behold, there came up among them a little horn before which three of the first horns were plucked up by the roots.
He wears: skull T-shirt, EUR8.99, Jeans, EUR13.49, Converse, EUR24.49, Little horn trilby, EUR17.75.Allwww.
And now, a little horn tooting: I rarely use this space to toot our own horn, but I need to drop a quick note to congratulate LM 's editorial staff on receiving the Silver Medal in the Best B2B Transportation/Travel Website category in the 2009 Folio Eddie Awards.