Little Russian

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Little Russian

n, adj
(Peoples) a former word for Ukrainian

Lit′tle Rus′sian

(esp. formerly) Ukrainian.
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"Oh, no, I'm not at all busy," answered Varenka, but at that moment she had to leave her new friends because two little Russian girls, children of an invalid, ran up to her.
An awkward little Russian girl whom she had taken into her work-room had dropped a flat-iron on Lena's toe.
Conductor Carlos Kalmar leads the Grant Park Music Festival in performances of Ellen Taaffe Zwilich's "Jubilation" and Tchaikovsky's "Little Russian" Symphony No.
Tchaikovsky's music was rapidly gaining popularity (the Second Symphony, "Little Russian," premiered in 1872).
I would now like to take a closer look at another version of such elite resistance to nationalist mobilization, which occurred in the southwestern provinces among members of the Little Russian nobility and, in the early 20th century, among a considerable number of educated city dwellers who showed varying degrees of hybrid identity and resistance to both Russian and Ukrainian national activists.
HAVE you seen the 2009 horror film Orphan (spoiler alert) in which a couple adopt a mysterious little Russian girl, only to eventually discover she's actually a homicidal 33-yearold with proportional dwarfism?
Big blokes decked out like that were dancing with little Russian grannies on the train on the way to the stadium and that, for me, is the essence of a World Cup.
In Trump's case, it just needs a little Russian company.
She's Riva's sister and the mom of Olga, the "dirty little Russian" Roller (Jack Kesy) hooked up with.
ELSA, a little Russian hamster, shares a striking similarity with her namesake from the film Frozen - beautiful white hair.
And in the Little Russian Symphony, Tchaikovsky's second, with Ukrainian folksong quotations so poignant in these times, Gimeno achieved some seamless transitions (not least from the first movement's introduction into its allegro vivo), and incisive string articulation, these players at the height of their game nevertheless producing a gutwarming richness of tone.

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