Little Sparrow

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Noun1.Little Sparrow - French cabaret singer (1915-1963)
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As Miss Mills spoke in her motherly tone, and cast a proud and happy look toward the warm and quiet nest in which she had sheltered this friendless little sparrow, feeling sure that God meant her to keep it from falling to the ground, Polly put both arms about her neck, and kissed her withered cheek with as much loving reverence as if she had been a splendid saint, for in the likeness of this plain old maid she saw the lovely charity that blesses and saves the world.
There are few as omnipresent in modern liberal French culture and pop music as the late U[umlaut]dith Gassion, remembered by her nickname, La Mome Piaf, the little sparrow, a reference to her tiny frame and tremendous voice.
1915: Legendary singer Edith Piaf, "the little sparrow who began singing in the streets when she was a teenager and lived a life of lovers, alcohol and drugs", was born in Paris.
So, it's pretty exciting for us to have this little sparrow out there."
Tiny Tumbleweed was encouraged, and tried her best to take root and grow in the desert rains, to make shelter and seeds for the little sparrow to find and spread.
The Little Sparrow was a singing superstar, but her life was fraught with alcoholism, heartache and tragedy.
If you say "little sparrow (minik serce)", everyone will recall famous singer Sezen Aksu (as it is her nickname)." With this comparison, he mentions indirectly that when we say "schmuk (rezil)", automatically everyone will recall the president.
from Rob Jones & Rob White, Katy Alex, Chris Elliot, Creaky Bones, Alex Hulme, Kevin Critchley, Southbound Attic Band, Rosenblume, Paul Wilkes, Little Sparrow, Paul Straws, Me & Deboe, Henry Pulp & The Lying B*st*rds, Ivan Campo, Alx Green, Richie Syrett and The Midnight Ramble.
Vik devotes her latest show, which she presents three times this weekend, to the French singer who was born [ETH]dith Gassion but became known to her countrymen as La Mme Piaf, or Little Sparrow. The stage name was given by a nightclub owner, possibly because of her 4-foot, 8-inch stature.
But the highlight for me was her beautiful acapella rendition of Little Sparrow which showcased her vocals perfectly.
Actress Marion Cotillard won an Oscar in 2008 for brilliantly portraying Piaf -- "the Little Sparrow,'' as she was affectionately known to the French, in "La Vie En Rose.'' Cotillard herself has no regrets -- not about her career, anyway.
And threading through all the other enjoyable things to see and taste is the music which will be provided by The Carpenter Ants, Doc Greenberg's Patient Jazz Band, Little Sparrow and Option 22.