Little go

(Eng. Universities) a public examination about the middle of the course, which is less strict and important than the final one; - called also smalls. Cf. Great go, under Great.

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Especially it is a sport to see, when a bold fellow is out of countenance; for that puts his face into a most shrunken, and wooden posture; as needs it must; for in bashfulness, the spirits do a little go and come; but with bold men, upon like occasion, they stand at a stay; like a stale at chess, where it is no mate, but yet the game cannot stir.
"EF had a little go and then Quick-Step," Thomas said.
And while Crosby insists this evening's result is "immaterial", he has encouraged his players to demonstrate confidence in possession, express themselves and "have a little go at Newcastle".
"We played a lot better second half, had a little go and got done by another worldie.
He would have a little go in training but he was never at the front of the pack.
A goal in each half secured the win on a day when Merthyr saw little go for them and Craig Steins in particular was unlucky not to make the day a great deal more uncomfortable for the visitors.
"I mess around with her on the (boxing) pads and she always likes to have a little go and she likes coming to watch me fight."
He knew how to make a little go a long way in terms of his budget and had to be creative.
'So I had another little go, I told here that things were much more open now and that she was more than capable.
"So we might have to have a look at something else and maybe have a little go at them and then maybe drop off and maybe have another go at them, so we're not pressed back all the time.
But as Stop Messin' About (12, retail) demonstrates, he made a little go a long way in a comedy career spanning four decades.
It's pricey at PS105, but a little goes a long way.