Little masters

certain German engravers of the 16th century, so called from the extreme smallness of their prints.

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For this new edition adds to the original merits of the work the very substantial charm of abundant illustrations, first-rate in subject and execution, and of three kinds--copper-plate likenesses of actors and other personages connected with theatrical history; a series of delicate, picturesque, highly detailed woodcuts of theatrical topography, chiefly the little old theatres; and, by way of tail-pieces to the chapters, a second series of woodcuts of a vigour and reality of information, within very limited compass, which make one think of Callot and the German [76] "little masters," depicting Garrick and other famous actors in their favourite scenes.
Her orders were indeed so liberal, that, had it been a child of her own, she could not have exceeded them; but, lest the virtuous reader may condemn her for showing too great regard to a base-born infant, to which all charity is condemned by law as irreligious, we think proper to observe that she concluded the whole with saying, "Since it was her brother's whim to adopt the little brat, she supposed little master must be treated with great tenderness.
He told Chambers that under no provocation whatever was he privileged to lift his hand against his little master. Chambers overstepped the line three times, and got three such convincing canings from the man who was his father and didn't know it, that he took Tom's cruelties in all humility after that, and made no more experiments.
surely I'm not so proud and so dainty as that comes to; and my little master, too, God bless him!'
Tournament Director, Kamran Khalil in statement said on Thursday that contests would take place in seven different categories including men singles, men doubles, ladies under 18, boys under 18, boys under 14, mixed boys and girls and under 10 and little masters cup.
'I will start with two little masters Hanif Mohammad and Sachin Tendulkar.
The Saturday night show will also include performances by Sara Khan and Sujay Reu from 'Ram Milaye Jodi', Binny Sharma from 'Dance India Dance', Vaishnavi and Ruturaj from 'DID Little Masters' as well as Abhilasha Chellum from 'SaReGaMaPa Singing Superstars'.
24)?" "Heart of Lion" is an inspirational collection of songs and story that is sure to appeal to children who are the real Little Masters. The music by award -winning songwriter Bunny Hull is lush, bright, imaginative, and entrancing.
These "little masters" are artists of merit that are treasured by collectors worldwide.
PESHAWAR -- Promising little masters Mohammad Ammad and Hamza of Pakistan cruised to the quarter-finals after recording victories against their respective rivals in the pre-quarter-final of the ongoing British Junior Squash Championship being played at Birmingham, United Kingdom on Friday.