Little swimmer

(Zool.) a phalarope.

See also: Swimmer

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Lily is a fantastic football player, she loves rock climbing and is a great little swimmer - she was finally able to do all these things again and was getting back to being her.
Theresa Nicholson, director of Nemo Swimming, said: "Jack is a great little swimmer and it is amazing to see just what he can do, especially considering he was born so early with respiratory problems.
Veteran swimmer Sharron Davies wrote: "Huge congrats guys, welcome to the world little swimmer girl."
SNAPPY little swimmer Kai Rooney splashes about on holiday - dressed as a shark.
As if in response, the little swimmer in my belly does a quick figure eight.
I tell you, in ten seconds anyone who has fished a day in his life knows this little swimmer's a home run.
'It's amazing to think that in three years I've gone from this little swimmer to challenging Hackett.
Each little swimmer who takes the plunge receives a certificate and Tommy's will give prizes to the first 750 to send in their sponsor money and to those who raise more than pounds 35.
In an attempt to display the incredible journey undertaken by human sperm, loads of human volunteers clad in suitably white suits undertake a mammoth real-life journey across hills and mountains to show what the arduous journey each little swimmer takes in order to procreate.
However, mum Stacie said the little swimmer knows everything about her sibling and talks about him all the time.
I wasn't a bad little swimmer as a kid, but these days the only time I ever take a dip is during my two-week summer holiday or on the odd occasion I pluck up the courage to suck the belly in at the gym.