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 (lĭ-trā′, lē-), Maximilien Paul Émile 1801-1881.
French philosopher and lexicographer whose chief work is the Dictionnaire de la langue française (1863-1877).
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Noun1.Littre - French lexicographer (1801-1881)
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of free stand HOPE made littre Bins with lid (100 litre capacity each)for Dum Dum, North Dum Dum, and South Dum Dum & Baranagar Municipality Document cost : INR 2600 EMD value : INR 84000
In 1863, Littre defined hypnosis as a kind of magnetic state, which was caused by looking at a bright object.
Era para arrumar os livros de todo instante e o primeiro ali entronizado foi o dicionario medico de Littre.
Incarceration": When a Meckel's diverticulum is constricted in an inguinal hernia, forming a Littre hernia that obstructs the intestine.
Es el caso, por ejemplo, de Sergio Pitol, al que presenta en "El fondo eterno" escribiendo en un lenguaje cabalistico y perfecto, y que en Paris no se acaba nunca lidera una excursion a una libreria que solia frecuentar cuando Vila-Matas vivio en la ciudad gala: "Sergio Pitol se convirtio de inmediato en el jefe de la expedicion al inmueble de la Ruede Littre.
En esta causa hay 10 oficiales en retiro del ejercito acusados por su participacion en diversos grados en los secuestros y homicidios calificados de Victor Jara y del director del Servicio de Prisiones, Littre Quiroga.
The ANF during its operations in Islamabad, Attock, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta recovered 9 kg Heroin, 13 kg Hashish, 5 kg Opium, 2400 Littre Acetic Anhydride and 700 grams Ice and rounded up 15 persons involved in drug trafficking and seized two vehicles.
At the time of its release, Straub described his film, which covers several decades of a Cologne family during and after the Nazi era, as follows: "Far from being a puzzle film (like Citizen Kane or Muriel), Not Reconciled is better described as a 'lacunary film,' in the same sense that Littre defines a lacunary body: a whole composed of agglomerated crystals with intervals among them, like the interstitial spaces between the cells of an organism.
autant de resurgences qui manifestent des retours a une sorte de primitivisme que les contemporains de Pierre Larousse et de Littre pensaient definitivement revolu dans les nations dites civilisees >>, dans Y.
Jara and Littre Quiroga, aCommunist Party member who was the national director of prisons under Allende, were tortured and killed in a basement locker room.
Glans cancer frequently arises from the periurethral glands of Littre, bulbar Cowper, and sweat glands.
Littre, 1872, <<Naturaliser>>, consulte sur Internet (http://atilf.