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 (lĭ-trā′, lē-), Maximilien Paul Émile 1801-1881.
French philosopher and lexicographer whose chief work is the Dictionnaire de la langue française (1863-1877).
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Noun1.Littre - French lexicographer (1801-1881)
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So in the stinging morning cold, I walked up Rue Littre, turned to Rue de Rennes before crossing Boulevard du Montparnasse.
Littre hernia (LH) is a rare complication of the diverticula, and it is observed in less than 1% of MD cases.
One of the most common cause of paediatric surgical referral is inguinal hernia.1 Its reported prevalence in mature infants is upto 15% while it is slightly higher in pre-mature infants where it is reported to be between 10-30%.1,2 Its cause is failure of closure of processus vaginalis in children and it may contain all types of contents such as ovaries, fallopian tubes, Meckel's diverticulum, gut etc.3 Depending upon the type of unsual contents; these hernias are named differently as Littre's hernia if the sac contains Meckel diverticulum or Richter henia if the sac contains a portion of the circumference of intestine.3,4 Both these types are quite well known in literature but there is a third type which is relatively not very well known, called as Amyand's hernia.
(19) OED, Conspire (v): Etymology: < French conspire-r( 15th cent, in Littre) (= Provencal cospirar, Spanish conspirar, Italian conspirare), < Latin conspirare lit.
Intrigue can mean something very similar: Littre's dictionary defines it as an "ensemble de combination secretes et compliquees visant a faire reussir ou manquer une affaire" (Group of secret and complicated machinations aiming at making a deal succeed or fail") But the noun intrigue is related to a verb, intriguer, which means something quite different from plotting: intriguer means (among other things) to arouse curiosity.
Esses dois textos mais o tratado intitulado de Sobre a natureza da crianca (peri physios paidiou) formariam, segundo Littre, (1) uma unica obra, embora tal unificacao ainda seja fruto de debate.
Miguel Vazquez sentenced the eight men to 15 years and one day in prison for the murder of Jara and that of former prisons director Littre Quiroga Carvajal.
O positivismo tambem sofria dissidencias: a Escola ortodoxa (Pierre Laffite e o medico Francois-Eugene Robinet) e a Escola dissidente (Emile Littre).
Small bowel obstruction can be the result of intussusception, volvulus around a fibrous band between Meckel's diverticulum and umbilicus, internal hernia through a fibrous band or an aberrant vitelline artery, prolapse of Meckel's diverticulum through a persistent omphalomesenteric effect, Littre's hernia, and rarely, enterolithiasis [1, 2, 4].
Literaturde femoral herni kesesi icinde apendiks ile birlikte Richter hernisi ve Littre hernisi varligini bildiren yayinlar da mevcuttur.