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(ˈlɪt vɑk)

a Jew from Lithuania or a neighboring country or region.
[1890–95; < Yiddish < Polish litwak Lithuanian person (now obsolete in this sense), derivative of Litwa Lithuania]
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Rudo Sloboda, Vinco Sikula, Dusan Mitana, Ivan Koleni, Milos Ziak, Marian Kubica, Jozo Urban, Taa Lehenova, Kamil Zbruz, Andy Turan, Jan Litvak, Maros Banej, Karol Pem, Verona Sikulova, Oto Havrila and my wife Denisa, as well as scores of young fine artists.
(From left) Maryann Richer, Charlie Pagano, Craig Fine, Andrea Kerr, Lisa Bott, Edward Ichart, William Best, Marc Fernandez and Gary Litvak.
As Arthur Schwartz writes in his book Jewish Home Cooking: Yiddish Recipes Revisited, it is a dish you cook "when you think there's nothing in the house to eat." Seasoned in the Litvak manner with a copious sprinkle of salt and pepper, as Schwartz enjoys it, or dusted with sugar in the Galitzianer tradition, noodles and pot cheese is Jewish comfort food par excellence.
This once magnificent synagogue, built between 1633 and 1635, in Renaissance-Baroque style, was the oldest and most significant monument of Litvak Jewry The Jewish quarter, with the Great Synagogue at its heart, is located within the Old Town of Vilnius, an area which has since 1994 been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
UCPA's physicians are Leonard Bloom MD, Gary Friedlander MD, Ellen Goldmark MD, Michael Isaacson MD, Jonathan White MD, Murray Lieberman MD, Juan Litvak, MD, Mark Rosenblum, MD, Nizamuddin Marufm MD, Roberto Pedraza MD, Bartholomew Radolinski MD, Mark Ratner MD, Robert Sher MD and Kathleen Sterling, MD.
Elizaveta Litvak and Diane Pataki are, respectively a postdoctoral scholar (who is first author of a study on lawn water usage published in the Journal of Arid Environments) and a professor of biology at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.
However, his plea was not considered and Jones told&nbsp;Seleznev that the bombing "was an invitation to right your wrongs and recognize you were given a second chance in life."&nbsp;After sentencing, Seleznev's lawyer Igor Litvak read out a hand-written statement from his client that said the long sentence was a political move due to U.S.-Russia strained relations, ( reports said.
Eugene Litvak had the listing for #5A at the popular Williamsburg waterfront tower.
"Our findings contribute to a deeper understanding of social dysfunction in neurological disorders, such as autism and schizophrenia, and may open new avenues for therapeutic approaches," said Vladimir Litvak, Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in the US, reported Health news.
Law Offices of Uri Litvak, A Professional Corporation
Professor Meir Litvak, who teaches at Tel Aviv University's Department of Middle Eastern History, said the idea of annihilating the Jews came up in 1939.