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Variant of livable.


or live•a•ble

(ˈlɪv ə bəl)

1. suitable for living in; habitable; comfortable: to make a house livable.
2. worth living; endurable: something to make life more livable.
3. able to be lived with; companionable (often used in combination with with): charming but not altogether livable-with.
liv′a•ble•ness, liv`a•bil′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.liveable - fit or suitable to live in or with; "livable conditions"


also liveable
Fit to live in:
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Even a superficial examination revealed the fact that nothing had ever been attempted that might have improved the livability of the cavern; nor, should I judge, had it ever been cleaned out.
In seeking to uncover the best cities in which people can age in place, Milken ranked 381 metropolitan areas, "using refined methodology and updated data in nine categories," as well as 83 indicators of livability.
The Economist magazine has long rated Tehran as a pretty bad city to live in, but this year Tehran is ranked first among the big improvers over the past years in terms of livability.
The training will also cover various techniques that can enhance meat yield and high livability at the young age under the farm environment.
San Carlos is a progressive, tight-knit community that embraces its livability and urban amenities, say-hi-to-your-neighbor intimacy and welcoming charm.
In his March 16 guest viewpoint, "High-density redevelopment won't help Eugene," Brian Wanty is right in saying that Envision Eugene and the South Willamette Special Area Zone will affect livability, equity and sustainability throughout Eugene for decades to come - but he is wrong about how.
Leveraging Urbanization in South Asia, Managing Spatial Transformation for Prosperity and Livability was presented at a recent the third Pakistan Urban Forum.
From a 2014 behavioral sciences conference, 10 papers and panel discussions look at Singapore from the perspectives of livability issues; health, urban planning, and livability; and social class, social services, and the quality of life.
A recent article published in TIME, which quotes AARP's livability index, ranks cities based on factors that would make them desirable for the 50+ population to live.
shows that since 2009 average livability across the world has fallen by 0.
Final goal was to help the cities for proper environmental, political and governmental changes and improving livability for people.
Having kids and when those kids start school are two of those key moments in a person's life when they consider relocation," says Matt Carmichael, editor at Livability.