Live grass

(Bot.) a grass of the genus Eragrostis.

See also: Live

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"The grass had died on its feet, as people will have seen from the photos, so it was a big exercise to get all the dead grass raked out in order to let the live grass breathe and grow.
England will, therefore, want live grass left on the Lord's pitch so that India's batsmen keep going hard at the ball and edging it.
"The challenge is that we need to leave live grass on the wicket, thin grass, so that there is pace, but we want to make sure the ball doesn't grip and turn.
That will be followed by the rolling out of a 'carpet' containing both live grass and artificial fibres.
A PITCH that was emerald green and covered in live grass greeted Glamorgan and Essex for the first day of their County Championship match in Cardiff and the visitors made the most of it.
Following the success of the cereals demonstration in 2014, this year there will be a live grass demonstration showing how grass is preserved for stock feeding, plus the Grand Parade of Livestock, Champion of Champions, Heavy Horse Turnouts display, Carriage Driving Championship and the Kelso Pipe Band.
plantagineum and the following variables were measured: percent bare ground; percent cover of litter, live vegetation, dead vegetation, live grass, live forbs, live shrubs, and bison fecal pats; the height of the tallest grass and tallest forb; and the frequency of grass defoliation.
The wicket at the Kotla seems to have some live grass on it, something visiting skipper Pankaj Singh will relish.
It was only last November when England breezed into Ahmedabad, declaring that they would stick to their original plans of playing a solitary spinner, Graeme Swann, a balance of attack they have always preferred, albeit on a surface devoid of live grass. Then they were thrashed by nine wickets.
Features which include a live grass roof, an individual terraced area and an art feature using microrenewable technology.
Glass doors lead to reception where white flooring and a stainless steel receptionist's desk are accented by deep red walls and bright green tufts of live grass.