hepatocellular carcinoma

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Noun1.hepatocellular carcinoma - carcinoma of the liverhepatocellular carcinoma - carcinoma of the liver    
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(1) (Carcinomas, Hepatocellular) or (Hepatocellular Carcinomas) or (Liver Cell Carcinoma) or (Liver Cancer) or (Liver Cancers) or (Cancer, Liver) or (Cancers, Liver) or (Carcinoma, Liver Cell) or (Carcinomas, Liver Cell) or (Cell Carcinoma, Liver) or (Cell Carcinomas, Liver) or (Liver Cell Carcinomas) or (Hepatocellular Carcinoma) or (Hepatoma) or (Hepatomas)
What we see most are not liver cell carcinomas but lymphomas that originate in the lymphatic cells present in the liver or that arrive there from lymph nodes." The condition may be treated with chemotherapy, but the prognosis for this disease is poor.