Liver brown

the color of liver, a dark, reddish brown.

See also: Liver

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Body shining black; scape, pedicel, ring segment, first funicular segment, all tarsi, bases and apices of fore and mid tibiae, and bases and apices of fore and mid femora dark brown; mid region of fore tibia, fore femora, mid tibia and mid femora liver brown; hind femur light brown; hind tibia liver brown with apex testaceous; eyes transparent (dirty white) with small blackish spots; Forewing hyaline (transparent) with veins pale brown.
Mesosoma with small and close pits at pronotum and wide at meso and metanotum; scutellum rounded at posterior end, not emerginate over propodeum; pronotum with a row of dense hairs at posterior margin of pronotum; mesosoma covered with spars hairs; forewing with post marginal vein absent; marginal vein distinctly separated from anterior margin of the forewing; stigmal vein short; foreleg and meso leg liver brown completely; hind femur rust brown, with a basal tooth and long comb of small teeth covering almost 3/4th of the femur (Fig.