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v. trans·plant·ed, trans·plant·ing, trans·plants
1. To uproot and replant (a growing plant).
2. To transfer from one place or residence to another; resettle or relocate: residents were transplanted to the suburbs during the massive reconstruction project.
3. Medicine To transfer (tissue, a body structure, or an organ) from one body to another body or from one part of a body to another part.
To be capable of being transplanted: plants that transplant well.
n. (trăns′plănt′)
a. The act or process of transplanting something.
b. Medicine An operation in which an organ, body part, or other tissue is transplanted: a corneal transplant.
2. Something that is transplanted, especially:
a. A plant that has been uprooted and replanted in another place.
b. Medicine An organ, body part, or other tissue that has been transplanted, as from one person to another.
3. A person who has resettled in a different place.

[Middle English transplaunten, from Old French transplanter, from Late Latin trānsplantāre : Latin trāns, trans- + Latin plantāre, to plant; see plat- in Indo-European roots.]

trans·plant′a·ble adj.
trans′plan·ta′tion n.
trans·plant′er n.
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The surgical method of transfering or grafting tissues or organs from one part of a patient’s body to another or to another patient.
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Noun1.transplantation - an operation moving an organ from one organism (the donor) to another (the recipient)transplantation - an operation moving an organ from one organism (the donor) to another (the recipient); "he had a kidney transplant"; "the long-term results of cardiac transplantation are now excellent"; "a child had a multiple organ transplant two months ago"
surgical operation, surgical procedure, surgical process, surgery, operation - a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments; performed to repair damage or arrest disease in a living body; "they will schedule the operation as soon as an operating room is available"; "he died while undergoing surgery"
corneal graft, corneal transplant, keratoplasty - a surgical procedure in which part or all of a damaged or diseased cornea is replaced by healthy corneal tissue from a donor
xenotransplant, xenotransplantation - a surgical procedure in which tissue or whole organs are transfered from one species to another species
2.transplantation - the act of removing something from one location and introducing it in another locationtransplantation - the act of removing something from one location and introducing it in another location; "the transplant did not flower until the second year"; "too frequent transplanting is not good for families"; "she returned to Alabama because she could not bear transplantation"
movement - the act of changing the location of something; "the movement of cargo onto the vessel"
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[ˌtrænsplɑːnˈteɪʃən] N (Bot, Med) → trasplante m
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[ˌtrænsplænˈteɪʃən] ntransplantation f
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n (Hort) → Umpflanzung f, → Verpflanzung f; (Med) → Transplantation f, → Verpflanzung f; transplantation medicineTransplantationsmedizin f
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n. transplantación, trasplantación, acto de hacer un trasplante;
autoplastic ______ autoplástica;
heteroplastic ______ heteroplástica;
heterotopic ______ heterotópica;
homotopic ______ homotópica.
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The two institutions will collaborate on clinical education and training in liver transplantation which will involve MakatiMed physicians, nurses, and other medical staff.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 21 (ANI): Doctors at Max Hospital, Saket arranged around Rs 11 lakh for a seven-year-old boy's pediatric liver transplantation surgery when his parents expressed their inability to pay the entire amount for the treatment.
Liver transplantation is considered the only treatment for end-stage liver disease (1).
[4] This programme is also unique in its service provision model, making liver transplantation available to state sector patients in SA through a private-public collaboration that promotes equality in accessing healthcare.
Abdul Sattar Jatoi informed that laproscopic surgery of liver patients was already being carried out in the hospital while a team of surgeons was also getting training of liver transplantation and soon the facility of liver transplantation will be available in the hospital for poor patients of the province.
Liver transplantation is a curative treatment for decompensated cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).
Tribune News Network Doha Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has recorded 31 cases of liver transplant with 95 percent success rate in the past 6 years, according to Dr Yasser Kamel, consultant Gastroenterology and Liver Transplantation. He said there are currently 29 brain dead donors and three donors living, adding that there is a great demand for liver donation because of increasing awareness among citizens and residents.
hospital, training of various specialists in liver transplantation and allied fields and gradual transfer of techniques and technology to the hospital.
ISLAMABAD -- Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Mian Saqib Nisar has expressed resentment over non-availability of liver transplantation of children at Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI) Lahore, despite spending Rs34 billion on its establishment.
The MTRA is awaiting funds from the government to execute the plan and encourage the local surgeons to start liver transplantation.
In population of 200 millions, 5% (10 million) are infected with hepatitis C virus, and more than 2 million are in need of liver transplantation to save their life1.
MORE TRANSPLANT CENTERS are offering liver transplantation as a viable therapeutic option for patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis who do not respond to steroid treatment.

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