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A city of northwest England on the Mersey River near its mouth on the Irish Sea. First colonized by Norsemen in the late eighth century, Liverpool received a charter from King John in 1207. Today it is highly industrialized and a major port.

Liv′er·pud′li·an (-pŭd′lē-ən) adj. & n.


1. (Placename) a city in NW England, in Liverpool unitary authority, Merseyside, on the Mersey estuary: second largest seaport in Great Britain; developed chiefly in the 17th century with the industrialization of S Lancashire; Liverpool University (1881) and John Moores University (1992). Pop: 469 017 (2001)
2. (Placename) a unitary authority in NW England, in Merseyside. Pop: 441 800 (2003 est). Area: 113 sq km (44 sq miles)


(Biography) Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool. 1770–1828, British Tory statesman; prime minister (1812–27). His government was noted for its repressive policies until about 1822, when more liberal measures were introduced by such men as Peel and Canning


(ˈlɪv ərˌpul)

a seaport in Merseyside, in W England, on the Mersey estuary. 476,000.
Liv`er•pud′li•an (-ˈpʌd li ən) n., adj.
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Noun1.Liverpool - a large city in northwestern EnglandLiverpool - a large city in northwestern England; its port is the country's major outlet for industrial exports
England - a division of the United Kingdom
Liverpudlian, Scouser - a native or resident of Liverpool
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The station-master at Crewe unhooked his telephone receiver and rang up Liverpool.
From around the boulder he heard voices in greeting, recognized Charles Crayton's voice, and realized that at last they had met up with Young Liverpool.
I was cruising off the Mersey in a Liverpool pilot-boat.
They would reach New York on the evening, if not on the morning, of the 11th, and there was still some chances that it would be before the steamer sailed for Liverpool.
In the summer of 1874 I was in Liverpool, whither I had gone on business for the mercantile house of Bronson & Jarrett, New York.
I want to take you first to see a remarkable relic of Mercia, and then we'll go to Liverpool through what is called 'The Great Vale of Cheshire.
After performing at Sheffield and Manchester, we have moved to Liverpool, Preston, and Lancaster.
A few minutes later a telegram was dispatched to the secretary of the underwriters at Liverpool, requesting answers to the following queries:
It was the more hopeful as the town to which Sissy had directed him was within three hours' journey of Liverpool, whence he could be swiftly dispatched to any part of the world.
Earnshaw, the old master, came down-stairs, dressed for a journey; and, after he had told Joseph what was to be done during the day, he turned to Hindley, and Cathy, and me - for I sat eating my porridge with them - and he said, speaking to his son, 'Now, my bonny man, I'm going to Liverpool to-day, what shall I bring you?
I landed at Liverpool this morning and came down on the boat train.
Then wire to the station-master at Liverpool Street," Mr.

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