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Even the death of the fearless little snake-killer--so fierce, so frightful, as if stained with a ferocity which told of no living force above earth, but only of the devils of the pit--was only an incident.
They are so great that it cannot hamper them; they are so vital that they enlarge it to their own proportions and endue it with something of their own living force. They make it the size of life, and yet they retire it so wholly that you think no more of it than you think of the physiognomy of one who talks importantly to you.
Only by embracing diversity brought about by freedom can the EU survive as a living force rather than simply a collection of bureaucrats whose some objective is to protect their sinecures.
A spiritualisation of economics and politics in India based on the noble values of prema, satya, ahimsa, tyaga and seva (love, truth, non-violence, sacrifice and service) which are common to the different religious traditions in our country, has become the crying need of the hour for the nation to survive as a dynamic living force. The following Talisman of Mahatma Gandhi should provide the basic motivation for spiritualization of economics and politics in India: "I give you a Talisman.
"They need to show that they are a living force in Welsh politics," he said.
The ideals of patriotism, compassion, tolerance, self-restraint, honesty, discipline and respect for women have to be converted into a living force," he added.
The Jedi church says all living things share a living force and that people have an innate knowledge of right from wrong.
According to Allama Iqbal, this system of life when implemented as a living force is Islam.
In his poem "The Song of the Redwood Tree," Whitman hears the mighty tree, "its death-chant chanting" and assumes that "the choppers heard not." But as this ax man glances skyward into the swaying canopy, it seems he may sense a living force beyond the board feet he is paid to fell.
But shape doesn't parse time, not at least until something like Emily Dickinson's "swelling of the Ground" rips apart the apparent stillness as if to declare that plate tectonics, unseen by us, is a living force. Some of these steam vents puffing ominously along may soon erupt--per a 600,000-year geological cycle--into live lava fields that other photographs in this series remember as posterior artifacts.
In Seizing the Poem in the Wonder of the Now God is a living force that speaks to the individual.
Her rhythms and meters allude to this latent ancestry, the unspoken continuing to be felt as a living force, the dead inside the living.