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Blanco senala que estos episodios producen una satira que expresa livor personal, y que solo con Burguillos Lope llega a ser un poeta satirico en las huellas de Quevedo (43).
CPR may be withheld if (1) the victim has a valid Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order or (2) irreversible death has occurred as evidenced by signs such as rigor mortis or livor mortis.
This includes his entire face, and would not be consistent with livor as he was found lying on his back.
TONGUE 'N CHEEKDefoe celebrates his second after a strip tease from a Tromso fan (right) s REF: Livor Kovarik ATT: 29,000 MATCH STATS 71% BALL POSSESSION 29% 8 SHOTS ON TARGET 0 7 SHOTS OFF TARGET 2 5 CORNERS 22 OFFSIDE 29 FOULS 60 0 CARDS 20 MAN OF THE MATCH JERMAIN DEFOE: Two goals with some slick finishing GROUP K PWD L F APts Tottenham .
The colors lividus and livor that characterize a melancholy complexion derive from liveo, understood in classical Latin as "a bluish color, black and blue, livid, .
This would appeal to the traditional topos of Livor edax (cf.
His body was cold and was already showing the blue blotches of livor mortis on his face, indicating he had been dead for several hours.