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 (lē-vôr′nō) or Leg·horn (lĕg′hôrn′, -ərn)
A city of northwest Italy on the Ligurian Sea southeast of Genoa. A fortified town in the Middle Ages, Livorno was developed into a flourishing community by the Medici.


(Italian liˈvorno)
(Placename) a port in W central Italy, in Tuscany on the Ligurian Sea: shipyards; oil-refining. Pop: 156 274 (2001). English name: Leghorn


(lɪˈvɔr noʊ)

a seaport in W Italy on the Ligurian Sea. 173,114. English, Leghorn.
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Teams will be selected for next year's Home International at Weymouth and the World Boat Fishing Championships that take place at Livorno, Italy.
The founders and directors of Livorno, Italy, based precision engineering company, Subspec Sri, have made investments and alliances that have had a quick and positive effect on demand for their line of professional diving equipment.
Project Zoza is the working name for the mega yacht under construction by Benetti in Livorno, Italy.
A fortress-cum-luxury villa designed by Leonardo da Vinci is up for sale in Livorno, Italy.
The couple were married June 11, 1960, in Livorno, Italy.
Italy-based De Tomaso has filed for bankruptcy in a Livorno, Italy, court.
Featured ports on the crossing include Ponta Delgada (Azores), Portugal; Malaga, Spain; Monte Carlo, Monaco; and Genoa and Livorno, Italy.
to finance the completion of the regasification plant in Livorno, Italy.
Her home port is Livorno, Italy and serves as the training vessel of the Italian Naval Academy.
The 839th Transportation Battalion is located in Livorno, Italy, with the Italy Detachment; the Greece Detachment, Piraeus, Greece; and the Turkey Detachment in Izmir, Turkey.
Golar Frost' will be converted into a floating LNGreceiving terminal of FSRU type to be permanently moored offshore Livorno, Italy, approximately 12 miles from the coast in a water depth of about 120metres and connected to shore through a gas export pipeline.