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Noun1.Elizabeth Taylor - United States film actress (born in England) who was a childhood star; as an adult she often co-starred with Richard Burton (born in 1932)
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Liz Taylor, 73, was laid to rest at All Saints Parish Church, surrounded by friends and family yesterday.
Es una de las obras mas famosas de Tennessee Williams, que en cine convirtio en mitica a la pareja formada por Paul Newman y Liz Taylor.
ARTIST Pure Evil has spoken about how he painted an enormous Liz Taylor mural that is helping reinvent Wales' second city.
Party hostess for people with the mostest, Liz Taylor, says the secret to her success is "thinking of the maddest thing possible", which, it turns out in that particular corner of the footballers' belt in Cheshire, is Liz herself.
THE MILLIONAIRE PARTY PLANNER Channel 4, 10pm Meet Liz Taylor - no, not the Oscar-winning Hollywood glamour queen.
Life of iconic Hollywood star Liz Taylor was born in London on February 27, 1932, the daughter ot two US citizens The family returned to |the States in 1939 Taylor became a child |star with MGM when the family settled in Los Angeles Her breakthrough |came as the young star of National Velvet She went on to appear |in many smash hits including Cleopatra, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
From left, Liz Taylor, Rob, Jo & |Graham Taylor Maenan Abbey Caravan Park is just off the main coastal route into North Wales on the quieter road into Llanrwst.
Liz Taylor of Etiquette Principles discussed email and phone etiquette, hosting business meals, dressing appropriately, and effective ways to mingle and engage at social events.
Eminent risk management expert Liz Taylor will be the speaker at the event.
IT was interesting watching the BBC Four docu-drama about Richard Burton and Liz Taylor recently.
Sandra Ball, activities co-ordinator at Princethorpe Court, in Ernesford Grange, was honoured in the recent Liz Taylor Memorial Awards ceremony.
David Hinckley of the New York Daily News wrote: "It's tempting to say the movie''s big problem is that Lohan is no Liz Taylor.