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Noun1.Jim Morrison - United States rock singer (1943-1971)
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Mike "Lizard King" Plumb got a new custom kick from Supra, Jamie Foy got some signature sneakers with New Balance and Tristan "T-Funk" Funkhouser will be lacing up some DCs with his name on 'em.
What American singer, songwriter and poet was also known as "The Lizard King"?
Key songs Hello, I Love You, Five To One and The Unknown Soldier consolidated the lizard king Morrison's legend as leather-clad loverman, pieeyed revolutionary and mystical poet.
It featured some impressively precise lip-syncing to some classic-rock staples--no small feat in such an intimate space--and monologues in which the Joplin character recounted hitchhiking from Frisco to Texas, then pickling cucumbers with her mother; the actor playing the Hendrix character recalled playing his psychedelic guitar for "bandits" in Tashkent; and the Morrison stand-in concluded the familiar tale of the Lizard King's indecent exposure in Miami with a line from a Russian children's cartoon about Prometheus, in which the wayward god explained his signature theft of fire by saving, "I wanted to help mankind!" This fusion of pop culture to the mundane, American rock legends to contemporary Russian realities, made all ingredients in the mixture feel fresh, sharp-angled, alive.
Sometimes the best-laid plans go awry, but rarely as spectacularly as those of Cassie Dewell, an investigator for the Bakken County sheriff's department in North Dakota, in her foiled attempt to capture the serial killer known as the Lizard King in C.J.
When Jim Morrison intoned "I am the Lizard King, I can do anything," he might as well have been talking about himself or Jett Pangan.
The school was threatened by a giant zombie blue lizard king! Frank's desire to help now turned towards his class, who clearly needed all the help he could offer!
The Lizard King, or The Slovakian Express, managed to earn minor cult status mainly through his goal celebrations and knack of scoring off the bench.
Scientists honored Doors frontman Jim Morrison with a tribute worthy of the "Lizard King": naming a giant ancient reptile after him.
The choice of name Barbaturex morrisoni is a play on the late frontman's epithet "The Lizard King," the BBC reported.
Better known as the "Lizard King" or "Iguana Man," the California native came to Puerto Rico on vacation and fell in love with the island and one of its local belles.
Two Daily Caller reporters recently published a (satirical?) e-book on the topic titled The Lizard King: The Shocking Inside Account of Obama's True Intergalactic Ambitions by an Anonymous White House Staffer.