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 (lo͞o′blē-ä′nə, lyo͞o′blyä-nä)
The capital and largest city of Slovenia, in the central part of the country on the Sava River. Founded by the Romans in the first century bc, Ljubljana came under Habsburg rule in ad 1277. It passed to Yugoslavia in 1918 and became the capital of the newly independent republic of Slovenia in 1991.


(Placename) the capital of Slovenia: capital of Illyria (1816–49); part of Yugoslavia (1918–91); university (1595). Pop: 265 881 (2002). German name: Laibach


(ˌlu bliˈɑ nə, -nɑ)

the capital of Slovenia, in the central part. 305,211.
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Noun1.Ljubljana - the capital of SloveniaLjubljana - the capital of Slovenia    
Republic of Slovenia, Slovenia, Slovenija - a mountainous republic in central Europe; formerly part of the Habsburg monarchy and Yugoslavia; achieved independence in 1991
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