Llewelyn Powys

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Noun1.Llewelyn Powys - British writer of essays; one of three literary brothers (1884-1939)
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They also reminded me of the fantastic story collection, Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell, a woman very much tied to a region in her writing, and then Flora Thompson's Lark Rise to Candleford and of course that led me to Richard Jefferies and then Llewelyn Powys' essays Wessex Memories (for truly beautiful descriptive writing, marvel at Powys' depiction of a moonlit walk home, carrying freshly caught mackerel from the Dorset coast); after that I thought I better stop the train because there go the summer holidays again, planning how to incorporate these writers into next year's forecasts; (last summer was used up agonising over how to bring John Clare and his nature poetry to the classroom; never have I been so glad that Edward Thomas wrote his poem 'Swedes, it was a fantastic shoo-in.)
There's Ford Madox Ford on human life as a series of fleeting fragmented impressions, Llewelyn Powys and Georges Simenon on simply following one's fancy, Robinson Jeffers on the obliteration of the self.
Cowper Powys John was the last of the trio of remarkable brothers - including Llewelyn Powys, the essayist, who died in 1939, and T F Powys, the novelist, who died in 1953.
Also, while firm in her rejection of the institution of marriage, (2) she was by this time living with Llewelyn Powys, a British writer who was making a name for himself in America.