load fund

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load′ fund`

a mutual fund that carries transaction charges, usu. a percentage of the initial investment.
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United PassPlus is United's prepaid product for corporate customers that allows customer to load funds onto UATP (Universal Air Travel Plan) cards to use for flights and amenities including United Club memberships.
Festival-goers who do not want to link their tickets to their wristbands can load funds on to them at top-up points dotted around the festival site instead.
NSBL customers don't need to load funds in Khalti wallet to make online payments.
have announced the launch of a reloadable payments card that allows New Jersey customers to load funds to their gaming account and access their winnings, the company said.
Although this new structure provided more choices for investors purchasing load funds, the more complex pricing structure resulted in considerable investor confusion.
It said that during the past year, load funds had negative net flows of $380 billion.
Users can load funds via a mobile app from their bank accounts to their timepieces or jewellery integrated with the "payment module" or "Flexitag".
Doha Bank's mobile banking app allows users to make local fund transfers, remit money to their home countries using their Doha Bank credit cards, top-up or load funds into their click card or virtual credit card, and send money to anyone in Qatar via the D-Cardless withdrawal service whereby the receiver can withdraw the amount without the requirement of an ATM card.
Click Card Reload - this is a unique feature from Doha Bank that allows customers to top-up or load funds into their virtual credit card - i.e.
Although some mutual funds are "no load," meaning that there is no sales charge, others are load funds, with some type of sales charge.
The ability to load funds via check by taking a picture through Amex's mobile application also makes it one of the few cards suitable to be an alternative check cashing tool."