load fund

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load′ fund`

a mutual fund that carries transaction charges, usu. a percentage of the initial investment.
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It said that during the past year, load funds had negative net flows of $380 billion.
Moreover, clients can load funds onto the card via online account transfer.
Many load funds have multiple share classes, with various compensation arrangements.
I]t is clear that price inelasticity and the concomitant premise that load funds shares are sold, not bought, are still key characteristics of the mutual fund merchandising approach.
Of the 200 funds in my initial sample, 91 are load funds and 109 are no-load funds.
The purpose of the report, required under the Clean Water Act, is to decide where State Revolving Load Funds (SRFs) will be allocated and to determine other wastewater infrastructure priorities.
During the crash, no-load funds were, in fact, subject to greater levels of redemptions than load funds.
1] One reason for this omission is that for many years, nearly all load funds imposed an up-front 8.
L = 0 for no-load funds with no sales charges and 1 for load funds.
Today, many load funds spread the broker's commission over a number of years.
For load funds and large no-load fund families, commissioned sales representatives generally are available to answer questions and assist with obtaining a prospectus and application and making the actual purchase.
Within a "family" of load funds, investors have several options for saving money on traditional front loads.