load fund

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load′ fund`

a mutual fund that carries transaction charges, usu. a percentage of the initial investment.
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While the SEC does not limit the percentage of a sales load fund may charge, the Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (FINRA) imposes limits on some fees.
Freeing up assets for use in generating sales held promise from a marketing standpoint, at least for the load fund segment of the marketplace.
I find that load fund investors base fund-trading decisions on previous performance to a greater extent than do no-load fund investors.
Hence, load fund investors may be more reluctant to redeem shares than no-load investors because they would abandon future benefits.
However, little attention has been given to the financial decisions that an investor must make once he or she has decided to purchase a load fund, and typically 60% of investors still purchase load stock and bond mutual funds.
From an efficient markets perspective, presumably individual investors (the major purchasers of mutual funds) factor the cost of the load into their performance comparisons among various funds and would only pay the load fee if the performance of the load fund is sufficient to overcome the load charge.
For load funds and large no-load fund families, commissioned sales representatives generally are available to answer questions and assist with obtaining a prospectus and application and making the actual purchase.
They could buy shares of a load fund through broker-dealers or other professionals, paying a "front-end" sales charge of up to 8.
186) That high brokerage commissions, turnover ratios, and expense ratios coexist in the load fund segment of the fund industry suggests that the fund industry's mangers operating there, whether advisory firms or distributors, have no trouble seizing on multiple opportunities to charge excessive fees to funds they supposedly serve.
The launch of the new funds increases American Century's load fund lineup, strengthening the firm's offerings for financial advisors.
Like all the Ave Maria Mutual Funds, the Ave Maria Small Cap Fund is a no load fund and will offer investors another way to diversify their portfolios within the Ave Maria family of funds.