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Noun1.bearing wall - any wall supporting a floor or the roof of a buildingbearing wall - any wall supporting a floor or the roof of a building
support - any device that bears the weight of another thing; "there was no place to attach supports for a shelf"
wall - an architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure; "the south wall had a small window"; "the walls were covered with pictures"
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If you're still not sure which sort of wall it is, always consult a structural engineer - it's not worth taking a risk and guessing because removing a load-bearing wall without supporting it properly could make your home liable to collapse.
Company is the developer and manufacturer of a patented modular steel-insulated load-bearing wall panel system that enables the construction of houses and buildings of Green Technology at reduced costs and time.
Turns out I had removed a load-bearing wall. As we sped to the rental yard to pick up jacks, I sheepishly told my wife that I might need more than three days to finish.
And, when is a load-bearing wall not a load-bearing wall, when revealed to be only one brick thick by a door that is ajar?
In one instance, original plans for a load-bearing wall on top of a steel frame were scrapped after finding that the load drove the piles down too deeply.
Holes should not be located within 10 inches of the edge of a load-bearing wall. If they are, they will need to be patched for strength.
Enlarging the room would have meant moving a load-bearing wall and putting a lot of money into new structural elements.
uSwitch warned that adding a new room or knocking through a load-bearing wall could significantly affect the terms of someone''s cover.
Date received: 02/08/2011 Proposal: Removal of load-bearing wall - initial notice accepted.