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Noun1.Loasaceae - family of bristly hairy sometimes climbing plants; America and Africa and southern Arabia
dilleniid dicot family - family of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
genus Loasa - genus of tropical American prickly herbs or subshrubs
genus Mentzelia, Mentzelia - genus of bristly herbs or subshrubs of western America lacking stinging hairs
Hypericales, order Hypericales, order Parietales, Parietales - a large order of dicotyledonous plants of subclass Dilleniidae
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La familia Asteraceae fue la mas diversa con nueve especies, seguido de las familias Fabaceae y Loasaceae con tres especies cada una (Tabla 3).
Phylogenetic relationships and generic re-arrangements in "South Andean Loasas" (Loasaceae).Taxon 66: 365-378.
Edaphic Specialization in the Cryptic Species Mentzelia monoensis (Loasaceae).
pinkush, shukumunti Loasaceae Caiophora Latak shinua, 13 cirsiifolia C.Presl gachgu shinua, shishu shinua Loasaceae Mentzelia scabra Anguaratee, 22 Kunth pega pega, tapa tapa Loasaceae Nasa grandiflora Boton shinua, 4 (Desr.) Weigend hatun shinua, puma shinua, urqu shinua Loranthaceae Tristerixperuvianus Pupa, suelda 5 (Pacz.) Kuijt con suelda Malvaceae Eriotheca ruizii Utko, aceqora (K.Schum.) A.Robyns Malvaceae Fuertesimalva Puchmus leptocalyx (Krapov.) Fryxell Malvaceae Lepechinia meyenii Salvia 14 (Walp.) Epling Malvaceae Malva parviflora L.
(2007) corresponden a especies de Poaceae (gramineas), Asteraceae, Amaranthaceae, Fabaceae, Solanaceae, Loasaceae, Cactaceae, Malvaceae, Portulacaceae y Euphorbiaceae.
Cactaceae had the greatest species richness, and Loasaceae (Site 3) and Scruphulariaceae (Site 2) had the lowest species richness; hence, they got a very low IV ([less than or equal to] 5%) compared to other plant families in the three sites, which also differed from 31% to 40% in similarity of plant species (Table 1).
rigidum 18 Linum sulcatum Riddell X LOASACEAE (Stickleaf Family) Mentzelia nuda (Pursh) Torr.
Morinda has postfloral nectaries (Keeler 1985; Koptur 1992b) that may promote protection of developing fruit as in some Loasaceae (Keeler 1981).
Blazingstar plants (Mentzelia hispida: Loasaceae), a bat-trapping plant.
The flora of Canada part 4, Dicotyledoneae (Loasaceae to Compositae).