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Noun1.Lobata - ctenophore having tentacles only in the immature stage; body compressed vertically having two large oral lobes and four pointed processes
animal order - the order of animals
class Tentaculata, Tentaculata - ctenophores have retractile tentacles
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Growth and physiological characteristics of kudzu, Pueraria lobata, in relation to its competitive success.
Russia Tatjana Racic, Serbia Ann Steyn, South Africa Angela Grezet-Bento De Carvalho, Switzerland Gloria Lin, TaiwanNafisa Malik, Tanzania Can Gurbuz, Turkey Gertrude Nakigudde, Uganda Larisa Lobata, Ukraine Eileen Jaffe, United Kingdom Virginia Mapara, Zimbabwe About Susan G.
Responses to elevated sea water temperatures and UV radiation in the coral Porites lobata from upwelling and non-upwelling environments on the Pacific Coast of Panama.
turbinella, 1993 Valley, Quercus lobata, 348 163 99 536 [star] 1979 Vasey, Quercus pungens var.
Representative species include Genipa americana, Morinda citrifolia, Neurolaena lobata, Saccharum officinarum, Theobroma cacao, and Zamia skinneri.
Exotic love (Ipomoea lobata, sold as Mina lobata), about 6 feet.
Newman, who has been involved in the successful relocation of more than 2,000 oak trees, said that this species of oak, Quercus lobata, requires water, nutrients and rich soils, which the tree has at its present location.
Major isoflavonoid contents of the phytoestrogen rich-herb Pueraria mirifica in comparison with Pueraria lobata.
The beetle was recently introduced to Mie, Japan from its native range and became established by feeding on leaves and shoots (veins) of kudzu, Pueraria lobata (Willd.