Loblolly bay

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(Bot.) an elegant white-flowered evergreen shrub or small tree, of the genus Gordonia (Gordonia Lasianthus), growing in the maritime parts of the Southern United States. Its bark is sometimes used in tanning. Also, a similar West Indian tree (Laplacea hæmatoxylon).

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A partial list includes: slash pine, loblolly pine, water oak, sugarberry, laurel oak, live oak, red bay, sweet bay, loblolly bay, hackberry, American elm, black gum, yaupon, wax myrtle and saw palmetto.
Loblolly Bay and Artist's Muse both failed to build on previous winning form last time, along with Who'd Of Guest, who won three times for Mick Halford earlier in the season.
Jim Bolger's improving Loblolly Bay is an obvious danger.
And, with Loblolly Bay, Back To Paris and Meas he should have sound chances in today's action, which is overshadowed by the Royal meeting at York.
Home to 300 people, it's a place to enjoy a legendary lobster lunch at The Big Bamboo on Loblolly Bay before passing the afternoon swinging from a hammock or strolling along its miles of deserted beaches.