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The bride price paid by a prospective husband among certain peoples in southern Africa.

[Zulu -lóbólà, dowry, give a dowry.]
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(lɔːˈbɔːlə; ləˈbəʊ-) or


(Anthropology & Ethnology) (in southern Africa) an African custom by which a bridegroom's family makes a payment in cattle or cash to the bride's family shortly before the marriage
[from Nguni ukulobola to give the bride price]
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noun (S. African) dowry, portion, marriage settlement, dot (archaic) Following the tradition of lobola, the king's family paid 40 head of cattle for his new wife.
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The four, alongside pilot Mario Magonga who frequently flew the DP, died near Lobolo in Central Island National Park, Turkana, at dusk, on March 3.
The fatal helicopter, a Bell 505X, costing about S50 million, came tumbling down on Sunday night at Central Island, an area made up of three active volcanoes which emit sulphurous smoke and steam, adding to the gem that is the blue-green waters of Lake Turkana.REPUBLICANWhereas the Bell 505 X went down, another helicopter which it was flying with, a Robinson 44 model, made it to the destination, Lobolo camp situated at Central Island.
He was one of the pilots for Kenya's Deputy President William Ruto. The tourists were visiting Lobolo Tented Camp and were flying back when the chopper crashed.
(3) "Officially married" in most African tribes refers to unions which are accepted through the Lobolo negotiations and agreements.
T: Eu, como pesquisador, de cultura muito distante das culturas onde se pratica o Lobolo, conheco-o somente por meio de leituras e entendo-o como uma questao muito pratica, em que se oferece um pagamento.
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The historical marriage where men pay (lobolo) to marry--with little input from women--is on the reverse.
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Sianga comprou-me com lobolo, que e uma cerimonia solene mas um negocio porque se faz com valores e dinheiro vivo.
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