Lobotes pacificus

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Noun1.Lobotes pacificus - tripletail found in the Pacific
tripletail - large food fish of warm waters worldwide having long anal and dorsal fins that with a caudal fin suggest a three-lobed tail
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Only juvenile specimens were observed clearly associated with FADs, with the exception of Aluterus scriptus and Lobotes pacificus, of which both juvenile and adult forms were observed in close, continuous proximity to the FADs.
crocodilus fodiator (1) Belonidae A 17 Fistularia commersonii (2) Fistulariidae J 18 Syngnathu sauliscus (2) Syngnathidae J 19 Lobotes pacificus (3) Lobotidae J and A 20 Mulloidichthys dentatus (2) Mullidae J 21 Sectator ocyurus (3) Kyphosidae A 22 Parapsettus panamensis (2) Ephippidae J 23 Hypsoblennius breviceps (2) Blenniidae ?