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a.1.See Lopsided.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Even with the arrival of James, United still need to sign a specialist right winger if they are to balance their currently lobsided attacking line, and Bournemouth winger David Brooks would tick a lot of the boxes required.
While the colour and the carnival atmosphere will lend to a festive occasion, l feel these two games will be very lobsided indeed.
"They beat us in the air and the penalty count was lobsided. They played smartly and we just let ourselves down in those areas," said Jones.
Nor could they avoid feeling cheated by the lack of support from racehorse owners, which contributed to the lobsided nature of the contest.
And we were lobsided there - the Serbs played with a left-wing back and, without an orthodox right-winger, we were vulnerable.
Unlike a lot of All-Star games, there wasn't a freakishly lobsided scoreline and, all round, the event was a success.
"There is no simple answer to the juggling act involved in attempting to weld a lobsided traditional provincial structure to a national Championship, especially when one province involves as many as 12 counties and another less than half that."
Kevin Doyle, Robbie Keane and Noel Hunt made up the difference in the lobsided selection.