Local actions

(Law) actions such as must be brought in a particular county, where the cause arises; - distinguished from transitory actions.

See also: Local

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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We want to ensure that your money is put back into your communities using it to engage one million people in Wales to take part in one million local actions over three years that will transform, clean up and green up our communities.
They will be protesting at the stocking of goods from companies which operate in Israel's illegal settlements, and which profit from Israel's illegal occupation." She also said, "Over 3500 letters are being sent by shoppers to the CEOs of the main UK supermarkets, to coincide with these local actions, urging them to act ethically and follow the Cooperative supermarket's lead in refusing to trade with companies which export goods from Israel's illegal settlements."
Look at all that has been going on with WILPF at all levels locally, nationally, and internationally: The Whistleblower movie, the Consultancy on, and release of, the National Action Plan (www.peacewomen.org); the 16 days of Activism Against Gender Violence/Blow the Whistle project internationally; the Occupy Movement in its myriad forms; national action against the XL Keystone Pipeline; and many local actions besides.
PCMitch Darby, based at Coventry Road police, said: "Using the arch gives us a chance to interact with pupils and tell them about our local actions."
The event, aimed primarily at local authorities, will examine the impact of local actions, how to engage with the business, voluntary and community sectors as well as individuals and households.
It covers emerging regional, state and local actions through a 50-state survey and issues of concern to corporations, including disclosure, fiduciary duties, insurance and subsidies.
"Having students and faculty aware of the water challenges facing the South Florida bioregion can be a motivator for engagement in local actions congruent with the needs of the whole planet," said Sister Patricia Siemen, director for the Center for Earth Jurisprudence.
Yesterday's event, Local Actions for Global Issues, offered practical help and inspiration for groups to cut their carbon footprint and save money.
The Community Foundation, serving Tyne and Wear and Northumberland, has organised the Local Actions for Global Issues event at the Centre for Life in Newcastle to inspire voluntary and community groups.
"Local Actions for a Global Challenge", that is, everybody working together to find local solutions that may be applicable in other contexts and areas.
Local actions mean all-out strikes in single authorities.
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