Local affection

(Med.) a disease or ailment confined to a particular part or organ, and not directly affecting the system.

See also: Local

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"There is a lot of local affection for this building and by reflecting its history as a curtain factory in the names of its individual buildings and the square itself - the first residential square in Digbeth - we hope it will become a much-loved home to many."
I am a country girl and living by the river is amazing and just being part of a village is lovely." Margaret said the couple acknowledge local affection for the mill and had wanted to assure residents that they would not be doing it any harm.
What was clear from this desperately needed success was that Kean will never manage his way into local affection. He will always be tainted as a Venky's man - revival or no revival.
Owen Owen, itself founded in Liver pool in 1868, acquired Lewis's in 1991, and is also held in considerable local affection.
He misjudged the depth of local affection after his perfect nine-darter against Jelle Klaasen last Friday, and waddled on stage waving a Dutch flag.
"Without doubt there is a lot of local affection for the Woolton and we intent to reopen as soon aswe can.
Much local affection remains for the old field, he said, and there was a lot of grumbling last fall about giving it up.
Barney, however, misjudged the depth of local affection after his perfect finish in the quarter-finals, walking on stage waving a Dutch flag - it was like an orange rag to a bull.
What the Restoration programmes have highlighted is that a building's survival is not simply a matter of architectural merit or local affection, though it is usually one of these that helps its cause.
And there was huge local affection for Sir Michael Shersby, the Tory MP whose death a week after May 1 triggered the poll.
"Bedworth Woodlands is a place held in great local affection and the land was left to the people of Bedworth 300 years ago," she said.
But he has a rival for local affections now, too, in the marvellous James Haggie as Wishee Washee, the Widow's son.
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