Local attraction

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(Magnetism) an attraction near a compass, causing its needle to deviate from its proper direction, especially on shipboard.

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The velociraptor known as 'Vernon' is sure to be a big hit with visitors, especially children who can also take part in a prize draw to win family tickets to a local attraction.
HISTORY fans in south Birmingham are being invited to take a tour of a local attraction.
As part of a special 'ride & drive' event, more than 80 guests ventured to the popular local attraction to experience the prowess of models including the award-winning XJ TDVi and new XK sports car - Jaguar's most technically and technologically advanced car ever.
Families visiting the local attraction will be able to meet the lady of the house, the apothecary and the washer woman.
The Porter will offer 297 rooms, a rooftop bar and a grocery shop so guests can make picnics to enjoy at the nearby Tom McCall Waterfront Park, a popular 36-acre local attraction on the Willamette River.
Discover a local attraction. Information, Tickets and Travel at your installation has the scoop on all of the museums, amusement parks, entertainment spots and sporting events happening in your own backyard.
The fish have been swimming around in the canal since June, when Mr van Manen decided to release them to create a local attraction, with the support of nearby businesses.
The trouble is, the plan backfired: the People's Daily newspaper reports the street has become something of a local attraction, with amused tourists stopping to take photos there on, you guessed it, their mobile phones.
Jonathan Hill narrates the half hour report about our beautiful local attraction. The wonder that sits on our doorstep will be explored in tonight's programme and is certainly worth a watch.
LOCAL ATTRACTION The beach has it all - from yacht-racing and kite flying to any number of beach/sea related competitions.
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