Local attraction

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(Magnetism) an attraction near a compass, causing its needle to deviate from its proper direction, especially on shipboard.

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The Porter will offer 297 rooms, a rooftop bar and a grocery shop so guests can make picnics to enjoy at the nearby Tom McCall Waterfront Park, a popular 36-acre local attraction on the Willamette River.
The excellent operation of this facilty has allowed it to receive the local news media's award for best local attraction since it was opened.
LOCAL ATTRACTION The beach has it all - from yacht-racing and kite flying to any number of beach/sea related competitions.
The tale is a simple one, told beautifully simply: a couple adopts a tiny runt piglet who grows up (and in every other direction) to be a local attraction and a good, good, friend.
Buster has become a local attraction at the market in Cardiff and children love to see him swooping down for his lunch.
A woman from Parrot Jungle, a local attraction, strolled the crowd with a living avian shoulderpiece.
Automobile Club of Southern California, a US-based motor club, has announced local attraction tickets at considerable discounts.
SENIOR staff at Twycross Zoo got their teeth into a branding workshop held by guru Richard Beevers at the popular local attraction this month.
Families visiting the local attraction will be able to meet the lady of the house, the apothecary and the washer woman.
It was lovely, with lots of activities organised at this lesser known local attraction.
A new educational tool launched by a local attraction aims to help children learn about science.
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