Local battery

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(Teleg.) the battery which actuates the recording instruments of a telegraphic station, as distinguished from the battery furnishing a current for the line.

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has begun considering to produce batteries in China for hybrid cars together with local battery maker Hunan Corun New Energy Co., officials of the Japanese automaker said Thursday.
GS Taiwan's expansion project is the largest investment plan in the local battery industry.
The chickens were rescued after animal care staff contacted Fresh Start for Hens, a local battery hen rescue group, and are being nursed back to health by staff and learners at the Nacro centre on Welbeck Road, Newcastle.
The automaker is looking for a local battery supplier to help the company produce 10,000 electric vehicles per annum.
SK Energy rallied 3.5 percent, poised to rise for a fifth session, helped by news of its plans to expand local battery manufacturing capacity for electric vehicles.

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